Cleaning Corner company offering you some tips ensure that we provide for your safety and to contribute to the creation of free from insects and rodents clean environment

Some of these tips:

Installation of wired barriers on doors and windows to prevent the entry slots Alaqat insect and animal indoors.
First Powell rid of waste, whether in houses or farms so as not to be a haven for pests.
Ensure the safety hoods sewage inside buildings, whether homes or government buildings or within existing buildings on farms and others.

Trim trees near homes to prevent the entry of insect pests or animal, including the inside of the subsequent houses
Processing holes or burrows, weeding in the house to prevent insect and animal pests from the shelter.
The use of the electric detonator inside restaurants, bakeries and food shops

The participation of individuals in the work of mechanical control to buy a wired or fisheries or fisheries Alfajokh lenses to combat rodents and insects sticking out.

The bio-control methods, it means that feeds neighborhood on the pest organism or some of the stages, the Ministry of Health raises some types of fish (Repelling Althelabiya) valleys and farms, which have the ability to feed on mosquito larvae and must be on the citizens to maintain these fish and not caught.

The biological control, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment using some biological materials that prevent Anslakhat mosquito larvae (Culex) within the sewage to reduce the spread of this insect.

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