Family Health starts from the clean kitchen

Hygiene is a set of practices by human daily or monthly or seasonally to sustain itself and its surroundings in the best picture

Family Health starts from the clean kitchen

The most annoying thing any woman can see insects are attacking her kitchen, or to find swarms of ants or cockroaches moving everywhere her house, especially in the summer .. abound such insects, and women often wasted a lot of their time in the work of the house cleaner without feel good about the level of cleanliness that they wish.

We can in the Cleaning Corner to provide to Madam safe hygiene in order to guarantee the health of your family without effort and trouble

Disease transmission:
The seriousness of neglecting the house cleaner; especially in the summer .. cause the spread of insects, including house, flies that may underestimate their existence, but it is a serious insect promote the transmission of many diseases, especially for young people; they transmit diseases, quoting mechanically, eye diseases, and play a major role in the spread of polio when you carry the body of viruses and pathogenic bacteria from one person to another.

Hence the importance of cover dinnerware, trash bins, remove the remnants of food, and attention to the cleanliness of the home, and therefore fly home will disappear, and no longer dangerous.

The cockroach of the most serious domestic insects that live in places is clean, which is piling up the stuff stored, and therefore no bathrooms or kitchen, and each moving diseases, and cockroaches also live among the leaves or scientific books stored for a long time, and there are always in the sewage pipes, and play a significant role in the transmission of diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, diseases of the summer, and diarrhea in children (gastroenteritis), and typhoid.

Discard Madam today from the insects and get the full cleaning for your home with Cleaning Corner

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