Insects and insecticides

Pesticides are chemicals that eliminate pests

Insects and insecticides

Pesticides play a large role in influencing whether on human health, animals or the environment if you do not follow the instructions or the instructions for each insecticide Although the effect of these pesticides, but it often has become a necessity to be used to combat insects and rodents

Therefore Cleaning Corner team on a high-familiar way to deal with all pesticides and all kinds of insects and works with high quality and high-quality pesticide licensed by the Ministry of Municipal in Saudi Arabia

Keen Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment on the need to pursue all types of pesticides used to have, where you always get the special cleaning materials Cleaning Corner company excellent results in tests and lab tests applied and which takes place in the ministry and show the results to the competent departments laboratories of the ministry in order to avoid any injuries poisoning or any damage to the health of humans, animals and get acquainted with the extent of the impact of these pesticides on the local environment or plantings.

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